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It is time for your business to shine and there is nothing that will help you scale your business as fast as email marketing! and the best email marketing tool that will help you automate your online marketing campaigns successfully is ConvertKit! and in this course I will take you by the hand from being a complete beginner to a ConvertKit expert as soon as you finish this course!

You're going to learn how to create your forms, how to add your email sequences, how to use tags and segments, how to master automation rules and run your email list building and marketing like a boss! Join us now and let's give your business the boost and automation success it deserves!

Fadwa A.Soliman

Fadwa A.Soliman

CEO | Solineurs

I’m an organized, neat freak, flamingo lover, crazy knitter kinda of a woman

Since I graduated on 2010, I worked in many things and in many places and I found out that I’m not one thing, I don’t enjoy working in one field, I’m what you can call a Multipotintiolist.

A Multipotintiolist, someone with many interests and creative pursuits, I can be a ballerina yet I’m a civil engineer or a lawyer & a painter, you get.

Which was amazing to me, I got to try many things, I studied many different things like marketing, design, and even some software development I enjoyed all of this.

On December 2015, My sister & business partner Kenz, convinced me to take everything I learned and everything I will learn, to Udemy, and it was the best decision I’ve ever taken because Udemy helped me as an instructor delivering my knowledge to those who need it & as a student it helped me sharpen my skills even more.

Now I have over 15000 students from over 150 countries & over 400 reviews on Udemy & Skillshare, Can you imagine?! 

My main mission here is to help & empower as many beginner entrepreneurs as I can.
As an entrepreneur, busy isn’t enough word to describe how valuable your time is, especially when you’re at the beginning.

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